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We must work at peace

The news is buzzing after horrifying recent events in Charleston, South Carolina, where a white terrorist went into a place of worship and killed black people praying. As we respond emotionally, intellectually, and politically, let’s also remember the systems and contexts for this crime. The very painful, uncomfortable truth is that racism “is not merely…

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Fire a firm if they don’t meet your diversity goals

Vivian Chen, creator and chief blogger of the Careerist and a senior reporter at the American Lawyer, writes about corporate firms allegedly pushing “Big Law” to be “more inclusive, more diverse and just nicer” that: I don’t think clients or firms see diversity and inclusion as front-burner issues. Nor am I convinced that people believe the much-touted business [...]

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“Model Minority”– that’s a good thing, right?

The problem with the “myth” of model minorities is that it can cause people to overlook vulnerabilities in supposedly successful groups.  As reported by NBC News, a recent study confounds stereotypes that all Asian Americans generally enjoy high income and educational levels. National numbers for the financial health of the Asian American Pacific Islander [AAPI] community may look good…

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