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Measurable Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

Research proves that diversity is good for individual businesses, but we are still figuring out the implications for the global marketplace.  This recent piece in Racing Toward Diversity highlights benefits such as reduced social tensions, greater stability, and meritocratic policies.   Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis writes: “It is easy to forget the lessons of history, even recent…

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What “color” are you?

“White” & “Latina” are often perceived to be incompatible, as one educator’s experiences show, forcing her to “prove” her “Mexicanness.” Nichole Berg writes:  “My face represents that of white dominance, but my worldview is that of the marginalized. In everything I do, I think about our diverse student population and how our [...]

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Dream weddings for diverse people

There is a new wedding magazine celebrating diversity, Yahoo reports: “Liz Susong and 29-year-old wedding photographer Carly Romeo—both armed with women’s and gender studies degrees—want to change the commercialized, heteronormative idea of weddings. They seek to bring the purpose of weddings back to being celebrations of love and community with the launch of a new feminist wedding—not [...]

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Businesses resist anti-gay laws in Indiana

Open For Service, an initiative aimed at supporting “businesses that open their doors for everyone — black, white, gay, straight, Christian, atheist, disabled,” is selling stickers to businesses so they can display their stance against discrimination for the public to see. Participating businesses also get their name placed into an online business directory accessible to…

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Diversity Builds Community

With people from nearly 100 countries living there, Astoria (in Queens, NY) is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world.  Contrary to what many people may suppose, all of these differences in close proximity do not inevitably lead to clashes but sometimes help teach people to be more accommodating of others. Being different from one…

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Women Struggling for Parity in Tech-Centric Industries

Many clients feel confused and frustrated because it seems difficult to know where to start when trying to break the glass ceiling. In a new report examining how high-potential MBA graduates fare in tech-heavy industries, Catalyst researchers found that women in business roles at these companies experience significant disparities, BUT they aren’t inevitable.  Among proven ways…

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