Enabling organizations to expand diversity & promote inclusion.


We oversee a range of diversity & inclusion efforts, such as organizational self-assessments, policy development, and grant applications.


We strengthen your abilities to achieve measurable results by analyzing workplace culture, holding individual consultations, and facilitating task forces.


We create customized diversity & inclusion toolkits, enhance communications between work units, and promote team-building.


We diversify organizational outreach by enabling participation in cross-sector  initiatives and positioning you as thought leaders.

diversity & inclusion are important


Did you know

Nationally, artists are less racially diverse than other professional groups: in 2000, 78% of artists were from the racial majority (white), compared to 66% of other professionals.

Did you know

Pew data shows that only about half as many Latinos (19 percent) as whites (39 percent) are employed in management, science, engineering, law, education, entertainment, the arts, and health care.

Did you know

In 2013, US employers paid women working full time just 78 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 22%, and fewer than 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are racial minorities or women.

Does this sound familiar?

  • We hold annual diversity trainings but nothing really seems to change.


  • We would love to diversify our staff, but no minorities apply for job openings.


  • We aren’t sure we understand the needs of the clients we serve.


  • We don’t know why there is only one woman on senior staff.


Expand diversity, promote inclusion.

Industry Buzz…

  • "anu inspired new thought."

    "I enjoyed learning about the practical research backing up the D&I points."

    "I loved anu— great speaker and she made it very relevant."

    Pittsburgh Human Resources AssociationFeedback after the presentation “Inclusive Practices = Good Business”
  • "Working with anu, and benefiting from her 20 years of experience in race and social justice studies, has enabled me to more effectively engage in a public dialogue on the issues that matter to me. Color ME Pittsburgh, a collaborative public art installation designed to prompt discussions of race and inequality, has facilitated connection with hundreds of people representing a broad spectrum of understanding.  anu's deep knowledge base, compassion, and commitment to education allowed us to move from very topical conversations to impactful exchanges more likely to bring about the changes we so desperately need in our society."

    Lisa BrownCommunications Coordinator & Director of Children’s Ministry, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
  • "Working with Inclusant helped me understand that there are many different perspectives on issues like race, rather than just one or two.  My business has improved since consulting with anu because now I work with more diverse groups in the community and understand better where they are coming from."

    Brian DruskyPresident, Drusky Entertainment LLC
  • "Workplace diversity makes employees more engaged-- and engaged employees are more productive and profitable, more custom-focused, more likely to refer their company as a good place to work, more likely to recommend the company’s products and services and less likely to leave the organization."

  • "If you want to boost your bottom line, try balancing the number of men and women in your office, new research suggests... increasing gender diversity in the workplace helps make businesses more productive. A more diverse set of employees gives organizations a more diverse set of skills, which can help the office function better."

    Business News Daily
  • "Diversity is not about doing the right thing or creating set-asides; it’s about building a business filled with the best and brightest talent so your firm can compete globally.  After all, research shows that diverse teams - whether in the office or the supply chain - are good for business."

    Crain’s Detroit Business
  • "Diversity offers so many benefits to the CEO (and to the entire organization) that it’s nothing short of irresponsible for chief executives not to place organizational composition under the microscope."

  • "Diversity is “part of the differentiation of our brand. It’s also bringing diverse viewpoints to the table as we make important decisions. The more diverse the room when decisions are made, the better the decisions.”

    John LewisCoca-Cola Co.
  • "We need to talk about 'disablism'—the belief that people with disabilities are inferior to non-disabled people. Often, people mistakenly believe that an individual’s impairment causes problems in the workplace or elsewhere, and this belief leads to negative feelings such as discomfort, pity, sympathy and fear—feelings that can lead to avoidance of people with disabilities and physical differences."

    Society for Human Resource Management


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