2017 Diversity Certifications

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2017 Diversity Certifications

2017  Inclusant certifies the following individuals for participation in Creating Confluence, an intensive program focused on developing the awareness, skills, and knowledge crucial for successfully engaging with diverse constituencies. In parentheses are breakout sessions they have completed as part of the Creating Confluence alumnae network.

Susan Baida

Emily Breedlove (Movements for Change)

Lisa Brown (Facilitating for Openness/Diversity — A Story of Thorns and Roses)

Cecily Davis

Christen Dobson (Facilitating for Openness/Diversity — A Story of Thorns and Roses)

Hannah du Plessis (Diversity — A Story of Thorns and Roses)

etta cetera

Elizabeth Foster-Shaner (Movements for Change/Everyone In!)

Randy Francisco

Shane Freeman

Julie Frischkorn

Nancy Glazener (Movements for Change)

Brian Gray (From Conflict to Connection/Gender & Sexuality)

Denele Hughson

Katie Johnson

Niq D. Johnson

Dawn Lehman (Gender & Sexuality/Everyone In!)

Angela Loose (Movements for Change/From Conflict to Connection)

Vanessa N. Mayers-Snyder

Kate O’Neill (Diversity — A Story of Thorns and Roses)

Akwasi and Marian Opoku-Dakwa

Mary Parker

Mila Sanina (Movements for Change)

Jake Seltman (Facilitating for Openness)

Yvette Shipman (Diversity — A Story of Thorns and Roses)

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