Fire a firm if they don’t meet your diversity goals

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Fire a firm if they don’t meet your diversity goals

Vivian Chen, creator and chief blogger of the Careerist and a senior reporter at the American Lawyer, writes about corporate firms allegedly pushing “Big Law” to be “more inclusive, more diverse and just nicer” that:

I don’t think clients or firms see diversity and inclusion as front-burner issues. Nor am I convinced that people believe the much-touted business case for diversity.  A 2014 Deloitte survey of business and human resources leaders found that only 16 percent of respondents called diversity and inclusion an “urgent” matter. (Eleven percent said it was “not important.”) Among those in professional services, diversity and inclusion ranked ninth of 12 categories in the survey. (Leadership, workforce capability and talent acquisition were tops.)

Leadership may in fact be a large part of the problem that Chen discusses. Studies routinely show that diversity and inclusion efforts falter when there seems to be little or no buy-in at the very top. What is there to motivate employees if their supervisors directly or more subtly dismiss the significance of diversity to individual or company success?

What’s the solution? Companies must show that diversity matters. That means putting firms on probation if they don’t meet diversity goals and firing them if they don’t improve by a deadline. Isn’t it obvious?

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