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Inclusant’s new training series: Creating Confluence

Becoming better leaders means encouraging confluence, when differences are brought together and the world is transformed for the better.

LogoStarting on April 1 + 2, 2017, Inclusant will be training leaders + leading trainers in creating more spaces to connect through creative strategies for facilitating equity and inclusiveness.

This is an urgent need, locally as well as nationally. There are an ever-increasing number of leadership programs, and yet every industry and sector complains that there is a crisis of leadership. What can we learn from this?

We are not training leaders well.

A major flaw in the design of most training programs is that– if they incorporate diversity & inclusion at all– they engage leaders on the issues only as after-thoughts or low priority topics.


Transformative leadership is actually based on practices such as these:

I take the time to listen and understand the perspectives of other people.

I appreciate other cultures and ways of doing things.

I’ve learned the importance of valuing individuals, rather than treating them merely as parts of a greater whole, because everyone is molded by their own specific, personal experiences.

This is exactly what you would expect a D&I consultant to encourage, right?

Actually, this list was compiled by Perry Pelos, Executive VP and head of wholesale banking at Wells Fargo, and his advice is intended for Fortune 500 companies.

Pelos advises that leaders “won’t learn much hiding in your comfort zone . . . You need to ensure that your organization welcomes people with diverse perspectives and experiences.”Screen Capture

Pelos is not an outlier; indeed, identifying sustainable D&I strategies is a priority throughout corporate America because they are profitable. There is increasingly strong evidence making the business case for diversity, as the Financial Times reported back in 2014.

Pelos’s advice should be even more compelling for companies and organizations, including nonprofits, whose priorities surpass shareholder profits – – if your mission and vision statements list values such as change, diversity, equity, human rights, progress, and social justice, your leaders should pay even more attention to the centrality of an inclusive vision to organizational success.

Inclusant recognizes your need and is launching a new training program that will be offered multiple times a year.

Participation is initially limited to individuals and groups in the Pittsburgh region based on our conviction that all our D&I efforts must start locally.

The first Creating Confluence 2-day workshop was on April 1-2, 2017–  check out our Programs page for upcoming workshops!

You can get more information now by emailing

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