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Fire a firm if they don’t meet your diversity goals

Vivian Chen, creator and chief blogger of the Careerist and a senior reporter at the American Lawyer, writes about corporate firms allegedly pushing “Big Law” to be “more inclusive, more diverse and just nicer” that: I don’t think clients or firms see diversity and inclusion as front-burner issues. Nor am I convinced that people believe the much-touted business [...]

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“Model Minority”– that’s a good thing, right?

The problem with the “myth” of model minorities is that it can cause people to overlook vulnerabilities in supposedly successful groups.  As reported by NBC News, a recent study confounds stereotypes that all Asian Americans generally enjoy high income and educational levels. National numbers for the financial health of the Asian American Pacific Islander [AAPI] community may look good…

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“Peace” and “love” as real tools for inclusion

By anupama jain, Principal Consultant As a diversity & inclusion educator, I observe many workplaces rife with tensions and hostilities between employees. What I have discovered is that petty grievances and unaddressed bullying undermine not only a sense of community but also productivity, meaning that the core values of the organization are not being attended to while staff members engage in…

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