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Inclusant Services

  • Guided organizational self-assessments
  • Recognizing existing resources for creating an inclusive workplace
  • Identifying priorities for diversity & inclusion interventions
  • Drafting diversity statements and policies
  • Identifying and collaborating on grant proposals
  • Building partnerships
  • Embedded analysis of workplace cultural climate
  • Individual consultations with staff
  • Facilitating internal task forces
  • Promoting inclusive language in all organizational documents
  • New staff orientation meetings
  • Creation of a diversity & inclusion toolkit based on organizational needs
  • Staff workshops and diversity training opportunities
  • Facilitating “field trips” to promote staff team-building
  • Coordinating with communications efforts to diversify outreach and content
  • Facilitating participation in emerging conversations about diversity & inclusion
  • Creating a presence at relevant community activities and events
  • Advertising organizational successes via blogs and other writing

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What is really required to expand organizational diversity & promote inclusion?

Many diversity training programs unfortunately proceed without systematic assessment of a particular organization’s needs or careful research about successful precedents in measurably improving workplace cultures.

Genuine diversity & inclusion means going beyond tokenism or counting minorities- it involves recognizing who is included and excluded from full participation in the services an organization provides. Eliminating barriers to participation benefits not only previously marginalized individuals and groups but allows an organization to maximize its outreach and its appeal for diverse audiences. The bottom line: diversity and inclusion are good for business.

Expanded organizational diversity & inclusion requires multiple types of simultaneous activity targeting individual learning, team development, organizational structure, and cultural climate, all of which interact in any workplace.

“Some of the most creative periods have emerged when people of different backgrounds have come together. America’s energy and inventiveness have been attributed to the diversity of thought born from this nation of immigrants.”

The Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations

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