Expertise Areas

Expertise Areas

Strategic Planning

  • Guided organizational self-assessments
  • Recognizing existing resources for creating an inclusive workplace
  • Identifying priorities for DEI interventions.
  • Drafting diversity statements and policies

Capacity Building

  • Embedded analysis of workplace cultural climate
  • Individual consultations with staff
  • Facilitating internal task forces
  • Promoting inclusive language in organizational documents

Professional Development

  • New staff orientation and on-boarding
  • Creation of DEI toolkits based on organizational needs
  • Staff workshops and training
  • Facilitating retreats to promote staff team-building

Increased Visibility

  • Coordinating with communications efforts to diversify outreach and content
  • Facilitating participation in emerging conversations about DEI
  • Creating a presence at relevant community activities and events
  • Advertising organizational successes via blogs and other writing


What is really required to expand organizational diversity & promote inclusion?

    • Recognizing who is included and excluded from full participation in the services an organization provides
    • Multiple types of simultaneous activity targeting individual learning, team development, organizational structure, and cultural climate

Identify your DEI needs