Silicon Valley Addresses Lack of Diversity (Part 2)

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Silicon Valley Addresses Lack of Diversity (Part 2)

by guest blogger, Rachael Frum


Much like Google, Apple is working to increase diversity throughout their company in the coming years. In fact, according to a cnet article, June of this year was the first time since 2007 two females spoke onstage during a keynote speech. Unlike the keynote in 2007, however, the two women this year were actually employees of Apple. According to their website, Apple’s employee population is made up of 70% men and 30% women. Not surprisingly, after seeing Google’s employee breakdown, the widest gap is found in the tech field which consists of 80% men and 20% women at Apple. They are trying to close that gap, slowly but surely.


Lack of diversity isn’t just found in the percentage of men versus women within a company. Diversity also exists in people with disabilities, veterans, and those with different sexual orientations. CEO Tim Cook acknowledged publicly in October that he is gay, and that he would like to use his position of leadership to put a spotlight on the discrimination that such minority groups face. To shine this spotlight, Apple seeks to provide inclusion for all categories of diversity by taking action in several different ways, such as:


  • Improving education by partnering with President Obama’s ConnectED to bring technology to economically disadvantaged schools
  • Sponsoring the Human Rights Campaign
  • Sponsoring the National Center for Women & Information Technology


Education is the most important aspect of bringing diversity and inclusion into the Silicon Valley, and into any workplace. We must not only ensure that our country’s youth are provided access to the education they deserve and that women are encouraged to educate themselves in STEM fields, but we must also educate ourselves in learning ways in which to bring diversity and inclusion into our own lives and our workplaces.

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