Technology sector lags behind in D&I

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Technology sector lags behind in D&I

Silicon Valley Addresses Lack of Diversity & Inclusion (Part 1)

by guest blogger, Rachael Frum

It may not come as a surprise hearing that Silicon Valley is lacking in diversity. However, when you think of Google, as a company, do you think of a place with close to no diversity? According to their website, Google has over 70 offices stretched across over 40 countries. How is it, then, that the company consists of mostly white men? Data published in January 2015 shows that 70% of the Google employee population is men, and 60% of the population is white. The numbers become even more staggering when looking specifically at those in leadership roles. Of those in leadership roles, 78% are men and 72% are white.

Laszlo Bock, a key Google executive, stated in an interview with KQED that Google published this data on purpose. It might make them look bad, but it also holds them publicly accountable. They have since put efforts into motion to increase diversity and inclusion throughout their offices around the globe. Here are a few ways in which they’re working toward a more diverse workplace:

  • Expanding the number of schools from which they recruit
  • Using internships to expose students to tech careers
  • Holding workshops that address unconscious bias
  • Creating a unique benefits program to support diverse needs of employees, from a caregiver leave program to LGBT policies
  • Reaching out to get girls and women interested in tech careers through their Made with Code project

It is good to see Silicon Valley building its diversity and inclusion efforts. It does take time and work to bring diversity into your workplace, but seeing so many of the simple solutions Google has come up with also make that end goal more attainable for smaller businesses. Stay tuned for the next post to see how another tech giant, Apple, is pushing for more diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


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